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2017 Press Coverage


"NAACP Looks back, ahead at Holiday" 

Times-News/ November 17, 2017

"Alamance NAACP Plans Holiday Party" 

Times-News | November 13, 2017

"Around the Schools; NAACP President Speaks On Civic Responsibility" 

Times-News | November 21, 2017

"Alamance Confederagte Monument History; A Common Southern Story" 

The Times-News | October 14th 2017

"Pastor Plans Mass Prayer At Burlington Municipal Building" 

The Times-News | October 15, 2017

"More than Sunday dinner: NAACP,educators feed community" 

The Times-New | October 8th 2017

"Alamance PRIDE Plans 3rd Downtown Festival" 

The Times-News | October 4th 

"Support for Obamacare repeal collapses as opponents picket Burr"

Triad City Beat | September 26th 2017 

"Confederate monument controversy continues in Alamance County" 

The Times-News | September 19th 2017

"Forum examines race relations in Alamance County" 

The Times-News | August 31st 2017 

"County leaders, NAACP address Confederate statue at Alamance County Courthouse" 

Fox 8 | August 22nd 2017

"Confrontation over monument got tense, but stayed calm" 

Times-News | August 20th 2017

"Vigil held in Saxapahaw for Charlottesville, Va. victims" 

The Times-News | August 13th 2017

"Alamance NAACp bestows annual awards" 

The Times-News | June 25th 2017 

"Alamance NAACP to honor Barber" 

The Times-News | June 23rd 2017

"Concerned citizens group makes regular visits to Walker's office"

The Times-News | May 9th 2017

"A new day in Alamance County" 

The Times-News | February 25th 2017


Nov 25: Speaking at Cummings High